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The purpose of our site is simple - to help EVERYONE with taking photos. From the grandparents that just recieved their first digital camera for Christmas, to seasoned amateur's looking for guidance in transitioning to the digital world, you'll find help here.

* Tutorials: Here you'll find indepth walk-throughs on multiple subjects including camera settings and file management
* Tips and Tricks: Here you'll find short, helpful tips that professional photographers have been using for decades, but can help you with your photography as well
* Reviews: Links to reviews of cameras, hardware, printers, and more by reputatble reviewers

Home Photography Information:
Gifts for the home photographer Photography Gifts:   From Lens Filters to tripods, gift ideas for the photographer in your life!
crop images Croping distant images:   Is your subject too far away in your photo? Try this technique to save your picture
New Content Pixel explained What is a Pixel?:   Cameras are rated in MP or megapixel, what is it?
New Content camera resolution Camera Resolution:   How to understand camera resolution
Dealing with the sun Sun, Glare and Shadow:   How to avoid bad photographs due to glare and shadow
New Content all about Red Eye Red Eye Explained:   What is Red Eye and how do I get rid of it?

New Car Photoshop Section:
New Content Photoshop Color Change:   Using Photoshop Masks to change a cars color
New Content Photoshop A Lower Car:   Using Photoshop Lasso and rotation techniques to lower a car
New Content Photoshop Color Change:   Using a donor image with Photoshop to replace rims

We hope the information contained within this site is beneficial, please bookmark this site as it will be growing rapidly.

Car Photoshop Section

Quick Mask Color Change
Using Photoshop Quick Mask

Lowering a Car
Using Photoshop Lasso

Change Rims
Using Donar Images


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